FREDERICK OTG provides part-time CFO and Controllership services to small and medium businesses to help you grow your business’s profitability.

Is your business…

1. Making a profit?
2. Can you afford to give your employees a raise?
3. Do you know your monthly operating costs?
4. Do you know if you owe taxes this year?

Get A Clear View

of your financial picture.

Frederick OTG is founded by Shauna Frederick, a highly qualified and experienced CPA, CA. Shauna will act as your CFO On-The-Go to analyze your financial strengths and weaknesses, and provide you and your financial department with smart strategies to help achieve your goals.
Frederick OTG is here to help ease the frustration of the accounting unknown and to help create efficiencies in your business. Once you understand how to manage the financial picture of your business, you will be empowered to make better decisions.
The first step is understanding your business, your goals and your challenges. Without having a clear picture of where your business is at and where you want to go, it’s difficult to put a plan in place to get there. Shauna will take the time to talk to you and your accounting team to ensure there is a clear understanding of your goals and where your challenges lie.  A needs assessment will then be prepared to ensure there is a clear understanding of what you are looking for and how Frederick OTG can help you achieve your goals.
Frederick OTG will empower you with the financial knowledge to understand and grow your business to success.
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Achieve High Performance Probability
Guidance to achieve your financial goals.
After creating a clear picture of where your business is currently, Frederick OTG can help you put a plan in place to reach your goals.
Support for your internal Accountant
Help run your business effectively.
Providing support for your internal accountant so you get the information you need to run your business.
Understanding your financial picture
No more stress with accounting.
Monitoring your financial picture throughout the year can help with cash flow management and can help to reduce the shock when it comes time to file your taxes.
Business Opportunity Analysis
Advice for better decision making.
Assist with monthly financial reporting with analysis on areas of concern and providing you the up to date financial information you need to make good business decisions.
Assistance with accounting software
Making your software work for you.
Are you using the right software for your business, is there an easier way of doing things? By understanding your needs, we can suggest and help to implement the right software to work towards improving efficiencies and lessoning the burden on your internal accountant.
Assistance with year-end package preparation
Give your external account the information they want.
Providing your external accountant with the information they want will reduce the number of queries to you and your internal accounting team with the goal of reducing the overall year-end turnaround time.
Get a clear picture of your business. Get a handle on where you want it to grow.